Disaster Relief

When natural disasters occur in Australia or overseas, we are able to provide with immediate humanitarian aid and relief.  Within 24 hours, we react with a coordinated assessment of the nature and extent of the disaster, recovery needs, donation supply options, and transportation and distribution plans.


Our club is experienced in working with Australian or overseas government agencies and nonprofit organizations to determine which basic needs.  The result is that we then obtain items to provide relief for lost shelter, clothing, food or sanitation.  We have successfully obtained and shipped items such as clothing, shoes, beds, mattresses, linen, towels, kitchen appliances such as fridges, personal hygiene products, and food.


A coordinated effort is required to receive donated supplies, pack for trucking or overseas container shipment, and to arrange sponsors.  At the disaster location, we partner with local Lions clubs or similar nonprofit organizations to arrange proper distribution to those in need.


Here are some examples of previous disaster recovery efforts:

  • Queensland Floods (2011) and Cyclone Larry (2006)  
    • 800 stretchers and mattresses within 4 days of the disaster to recovery centres around Brisbane and surrounds.  
    • 240 pallets of clothing, shoes, linen, underwear throughout QLD to communities which were affected. 

disaster relief