What is a PET?

Adult Personal Energy Transportation

Adult Personal Energy Transportation


Personal Energy Transportation (PET) carts are hand cranked wheelchairs specifically designed and produced for developing nations.

They are used by individuals who are unable to walk (leg disabled due to birth defects, disease or casualties).  Without a device like this, these people have no option but to crawl, often in dirt and across rugged terrain.


Apple-MAQ Lions Club is the only manufacturer and distributor of the Personal Energy Transportation (PET) wheelchair in Australia.  In fact, we are proud to be the only affiliate outside of the US.


The PET is designed to be used in conditions where ordinary wheelchairs will not work.  They are made out of wood, with three solid based wheels. Users turn a hand crank to move forward.  Our woodworking facility produces the carts and prepares them for shipment to overseas.


The PETs are provided at no cost to recipients.  As a result it is truly “The Gift of Mobility” and dignity!


Over 53,000 carts have been created since 1994, for distribution in over 100 countries.   At present, the global demand for the PET exceeds the amount being produced.  22 million are required right now, and this demand increases by over 3000 per month.


Any individual, company or organization can help with this incredibly worthy cause.  A simple donation will sponsor production and distribution of the PETs.  Please help us to help those who need mobility assistance by sponsoring a PET.


The cost to sponsor a single PET is only $300


Further information about PET may be found at www.petinternational.org